Fix a leaking shower

A common question every householder will ask at some stage is “How do I fix a Leaking Shower? A typical assumption is to attribute the blame to the installer rather than instalment products. This is in very high percentages the cause of the Leaking Shower or Bath problems. When installing a shower tray typically it is sealed with a conventional silicone. Here the problem lies. Silicone in its nature has to shrink over time causing the Leaking Shower problem. With continual change in temperature and continued exposure to water this will cause the silicone to loose its adhesion resulting in a Leaking Shower.
The only solution to this problem is CT1 the Snag List Eliminator. CT1 is NOT a silicone but a unique hybrid polymer for ultimate sealing and bonding. Why is CT1 so effective in curing a Leaking Shower problem? Firstly it can be applied in wet conditions even underwater, so once applied will seal immediately. Secondly has unbelievable bonding capacity that will not change with change of temperature or continued exposure to water. Thirdly will remain flexible allowing expansion and contraction without affecting the seal.
Prevention is always less expensive than cure.
CT1 is that prevention for a Leaking Shower or Bath. © Copyright.

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