Seal a Leaking Conservatory

A question C-Tec are frequently asked is “Will CT1 The Snag List Eliminator Seal a Leaking Conservatory?. Yes, no problem is always the answer. We say this with 100% confidence based on our unique product development, numerous households have solved their Leaking Conservatory problems using CT1.
Where and why does the Conservatory Leak?. The roof of the Conservatory at the apex is the area normally associated with Leaking Conservatories. The reason being, during installation a silicone sealant is applied to seal the joints from the elements. The silicone sealant contains high quality of solvents that have to evaporate when curing which causes shrinkage, thus a Leaking Conservatory. Also, when the silicone sealant cures and when exposed to direct sun, (U.V) it becomes very brittle and starts to flake away, thus a Leaking Conservatory.
If consumers paying thousands of pounds for a new Conservatory were to insist on their installers using CT1 at £10.00, rather than a silicone at £1.00 a minuscule investment in comparison to overall cost this would prevent a Leaking Conservatory with no future annoyance.
In conclusion - Don’t repair a Leaking Conservatory – Prevent a Leaking Conservatory
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