Silicone Sealant Remover

The most effective Silicone Sealant Remover on the market today without question is CT1 Multisolve. Unlike the gel versions of Silicone Sealant Removers which can only be left on for 15-20 minutes due to the burning action of the aromatic solvents, Multisolve is safe!, Why? Well CT1 Multisolve is a unique aliphatic hydro carbon solvent (friendly solvent) but with the de-activating properties of an aromatic. This makes light work of Removing Silicone Sealants which are packed with solvents that etch into the base material carrying the silicone molecule with it thus making Silicone Sealants so difficult to remove.
CT1 Multisolve detaches the molecules of silicone from the material without a burning action. CT1 Multisolve will remove all types of Silicone Sealant without any damage whatsoever to the surrounding materials. A good Silicone Sealant Remover is in such high demand, and now CT1 Multisolve is not only a fantastic Silicone Sealant Remover but also a remover of tar, chewing gum, inks, adhesives and a multitude of stubborn deposit, but especially Silicone Sealant.
After using the brilliant Silicone Sealant Remover you can re-seal with our unique CT1 Sealant and Construction Adhesive.
A question people ask is “Will Multisolve react with painted surfaces?” Good question but absolutely not, Multisolve is very gentle but powerful, that’s what makes Multisolve so unique and a brilliant Silicone Sealant Remover. Many double glazing or window installers were so delighted when we introduced Multisolve to them as a Silicone Sealant Remover, because up until then it was such a tedious job trying to remove excess Silicone Sealant. It is also an advantage to have a Silicone Sealant Remover that’s very easy to apply, Multisolve comes in a 500ml aerosol, simply spray, leave for 5 minutes and then remove the Silicone.
Numerous people are so happy with using our CT1 unique sealant and adhesive to reseal after removing the old Silicone Sealant. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer that contains no solvents and will never shrink. CT1 can even be applied on wet surfaces. For some customers we have packed the Multisolve into 5 litre cans as they are involved in high refurbishment projects where they need to apply large quantities of a premium Silicone Sealant Remover.
In some occurrences Silicone Sealant can be accidently dropped onto carpet or fabric, Multisolve will remove the Silicone Sealant even when it hasn’t cured with no staining to the carpet or fabric. It’s an incredible Silicone Sealant Remover. Multisolve is also an environmentally friendly Silicone Sealant Remover that is not acid or aromatic based.


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