The Safest Solvent Glue Remover

The majority of Solvent Glue Removers available are quite aggressive and can be harmful. These solvent type Glue Removers are typically from the aromatic type solvent family. Car body thinners or pre-paint solvents are of this type. The ability to remove glue is quite good but care has to be taken when using these aromatic Solvent Glue Removers. The reasons are that they attack skin leaving redness or irritation in many cases. Also care has to be taken on the surface that they are applied to as burning or etching can frequently happen. A component in these Glue Removers is xylene, used frequently as a pesticide. Aromatic based Glue removers are therefore not an appropriate choice to remove adhesive stickers or chewing gum off carpet. C-Tec the creators of the CT1 sealant have developed the safest solvent Glue Remover available called Multisolve. This is truly a marvellous Glue Remover .Why? Multisolve is from the aliphatic solvent family, the friendly hydro carbon group of solvents. The aliphatic solvent has been refined to remove the aggressiveness of an aromatic. In principal C-Tec have created an aliphatic solvent but with the deactivating power of an aromatic resulting in the safest Solvent Glue Remover available. Multisolve will remove glue from all materials without causing damage to the base material. Typical applications are removing sticker residue, old silicone sealant, acrylic type residue, chewing gum from carpets, the possibilities are endless! Multisolve Glue remover is available in handy 200ml cans or for larger applications 500ml cans. Multisolve glue remover is also excellent for removing tar from painted metal and even carpets. Removing glue residue from wooden floor is no longer a problem. It is also recommended to use multisolve to clean the surface before applying our CT1 Sealant and adhesive.

Multisolve The Safest Glue Remover Available

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