WT1 – Waterproofing Technology No.1


WT1 – Waterproofing Technology No.1


WT1 is the ultimate replacement for all bitumen based roof membrane with excellent adhesion to brick, stone, concrete, polyester, lead, metals and plastics.

WT1 is a complete new formulated compound with a combined polymer and polyurethane union, which forms a 100% waterproof membrane and remains stable with weather fluctuations, without shrinking or cracking. It is ideal for the quick repair of flat and sloping roofs, and for tanking, with one application straight from the container. It is also used on concrete terraces, balconies and floors, and under ideal conditions, can be rendered or plastered.

WT1 is compatible with the C-TEC adhesive range, CT1 and Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, therefore allowing attachment of suitable substrates such as decking products or tiles.

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W3 Rated – 25 year working life
Weather resistant
UV resistant
No leaks

Tested According to:-

BS EN ISO 527-3               ETA 10/0121               ETAG 005
ISO 4892                            EOTA TR-003             TR- 013
ASTM G154                        EN 1931                     BS EN ISO 11925.2
BS 7976-2                           ETOA TR-11               BS EN ISO 13501
BS 3177                              TR-006                       TR- 004 / TR-006
ETAG 022                            ISO .527.3                 TR- 007 / TR-008